Hamza Sheikh supercar of teenage billionaire of Pakistani origin seized?


A ‘teenage billionaire’, originally from Pakistan, whose £100,000 supercar was impounded by police for having no insurance insisted that he would just learn to drive in a Rolls Royce.


Hamza Sheikh a teenager whose £100,000 gold Maserati was seized by police for driving without insurance
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hamza sheikh, 19, was stopped by police last week whereas cruising in his gold-plated Maserati GranCabrio through Kingston with L-plates on, Evening Stardard rumored.

Sheikh faces a minimum £300 fine and 6 points on his licence.

But Mr swayer same losing the luxurious automobile wasn’t a retardant as he has others price a complete of quite £1 million.

He told the paper: “I have a Rolls-Royce and a spread Rover. i’m simply anticipating my new gold Lamborghini to be delivered within the in the meantime. Since i used to be young I actually have been learning to drive in supercars — I’ve additionally learnt in an exceedingly Porsche Panamera, thus a Maserati may be a piece of cake.”

Police same the motive force was force over as a result of officers thought the automobile appeared terribly pricey for a learner to be driving. computer Sebastian Ellis tweeted a photograph of the vehicle being towed, saying: “#NoInsuranceNoCar.”

But Mr hamza sheikh, a business management student at Regent’s University and a property developer, nowadays said: “No Maserati, I’ll simply learn to drive in an exceedingly Rolls-Royce with insurance.”

“I was familiar by my workers that the police were looking at my automobile for quite associate hour. I actually have security with Pine Tree State where i am going and I’m terribly happy that I’ve got my automobile back, however i used to be not while not a automobile — I drove my Rolls-Royce with my security.

“I am the golden kid of my family, that’s why my automobile is gold. i used to be simply returning from finishing my theory check once I was stopped.

“I have a busy life style and running a property business whereas finding out isn’t simple. I uncomprehensible a letter from my nondepository financial institution requesting key info that i used to be unaware of, in order that they were unable to effectively update their records. This was the explanation for the error.”

“I am a rich person and once learning to drive in my Maserati i purchase plenty of jealousy, however if I actually have the cash why not? Everything I actually have is attributable to my mother’s prayers and Supreme Being.

“Jealousy may be a mental cancer, please get treated.



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